Sustainable Finance Series - ESG Risks and Risk Management & related Organisational Impacts (module 3)

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In today’s society sustainability has become a clear point of focus for most, if not all, companies and investment funds. Understanding what lies behind the E, the S and the G of ESG is key to defining a strategy fit for your organisation, whether a financial sector company, a corporate or an investment fund – a strategy, which, when successfully executed, effectively identifies the positive performance opportunities while managing the potential risks.

Having a strong ESG strategy is no longer just a “nice to have”. All market participants have to go beyond green washing and tighten their processes in the researching, hiring and monitoring of their operations, financing and investments if they don’t want to come under the spotlight for wrong ESG management. The case of the Abraaj fund in 2018, which was the biggest collapse in private equity history, still raises the question of why an apparently successful private equity firm that managed $14 billion and was an influential investor, went wrong.

Arendt, Label R and Ripple Effect have partnered and combined their expertise to propose a four-module training programme to guide you through the latest regulatory changes supporting the development of sustainable finance and ESG, as well as through the practical design and implementation of a sustainable investment strategy. The training programme also provides participants with a clear understanding of sustainability risks and how to manage them while providing participants with the keys to monitoring and reporting on sustainability-related matters.

Attendance of all four modules is recommended but not mandatory.

By the end of the third module, participants will have:

A global overview of sustainability risks (their identification, measurement, management and frameworks)
Understood the expectations of the regulator, with regard to embedding and documenting the consideration of ESG risks in the risk management process, at both corporate and product level
Understood the interplay between ESG materiality and ESG risks and understand how an ESG materiality evaluation is completed, through a practical case study example
Understood the operational impact on their internal organization including:
The key features of an effective ESG policy and procedures
ESG Management System
Case study using the example of one of the world’s leading ESG frameworks to be integrated into the Management system.
Antoine Peter (Senior Advisor, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting),
Jane Wilkinson (Independent Director, Ripple Effect),
Oriane Schoonbroodt (Co-Founder & CEO, Label R).

Target Group
Anyone interested in sustainable finance and in a potential ESG investment strategy and who want to know more about ESG and sustainable finance. Participants are expected to have a basic level of understanding of sustainable finance, the types of strategies adopted by sustainable finance professionals and the regulatory framework applied to sustainable finance activities.

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