WEBINAR - Mini-mba Focused on Crisis management

900 €
at 3 KM
Luxembourg School of Business
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What could be better to do during the lockdown than to be inspired by the best teachers from around the world? The Luxembourg School of Business has launched a mini-MBA focused on crisis management.

This program was created especially in these uncertain times for managers who want to help get their business back on track after locking out. It will provide a management toolbox and a change in your mindset to find innovative ways to adapt to the situation, '' says Dino Dogan, the dean of the Luxembourg School of Business and the program director of the new certified Mini-MBA course.

You will be given a selection of cases to read in preparation for each course, and you are encouraged to reflect and bring your personal goals, questions, challenges and goals that you may have.

Mini-MBA certificate
After completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating that you have successfully completed the mini-MBA.

Lesson plan:

Online module # 1
April 23 & 27: World Foundation for Economy and Business
Dr. Mato Njavro / Luxembourg School of Business

Online module # 2
April 28 & 29 & 30: How Strategy Can Help You Get Through Difficult Times
Dr. Dino Dogan / Luxembourg School of Business

Online module # 3
May 4 & 5 & 7: Crisis management in the digital age
Pau Virgili / esade

Online module # 4
May 11 & 14: Adapting your business to the new standard through innovation
Dr. Ivanka Visjnic / esade

Online module # 5
May 12 & 13: Leadership in uncertain times
Dr. Marion Bourgeois / Luxembourg School of Business

Online module # 6
May 18 & 19 & 20 & 21: Corporate Entrepreneurship
Dr Dennis Ceru / Babson College

Online module # 7
May 26 & 28: Crisis communication
Mercedes Segura / esade

Good to know

Tuition fees
€ 900 (VAT included). Payable in two installments (€ 450 on April 22, € 450 on May 10). The payment of the Mini MBA is deductible from the tuition fees for the MBA Weekend from September 2020.
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Luxembourg School of Business

Where does it take place?

2453 Luxembourg 19, Rue Eugène Ruppert Luxembourg Luxembourg

Luxembourg School of Business
Rue Eugène Ruppert Luxembourg Luxembourg


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