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Introductory workshop by House of Entrepreneurship

The business plan is this synthetic document which traces the history of your project, from its beginnings to its future prospects. Writing it may seem tedious, but if you believe in your project, nothing can discourage you! The House of Entrepreneurship gives you some benchmarks to get you started.

A Business Plan, is it really necessary?

The business plan is sometimes questioned, but in practice it is absolutely necessary, for two reasons:

1. He is the best ally of business creators because he allows them to move forward, step by step; it is a working tool.

2. It is essential to explain a business to future partners (associates or shareholders, business angels, bankers, suppliers or even competition jurors) and to convince them to participate in this adventure; it is a tool of communication and conviction.

To fully understand the value of the business plan (BP), it is necessary to understand that beyond the final document that will be presented to various partners depending on the case, it is a unique value proposition that will emerge from this BP. This proposal is built and adjusted over time.

But how to write this business plan that will convince its partners?

This is what Daniel Milano, Business Consultant at the House of Entrepreneurship and entrepreneur-trainer, will introduce you to during this workshop, intended for anyone wishing to create a business.

Discussed subjects :

Brainstorm using the business model canvas,

Assess the feasibility of your project using the business plan,

· Generate a simplified and intelligible action plan using the myBUSINESSPLAN tool.

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