Space Resources Week 2019

at 4 KM
Luxembourg Space Agency
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In the framework of the Luxembourg Space Resources Initiative, Luxembourg will hold from 7 until 11 October:

the Space Resources Week,
the Mining Space Summit,
a professional course and workshop about the exploration and utilization of space resources.
The events are supported by the Luxembourg Space Agency, European Space Agency, International Space University and Colorado School of Mines.

7-8 October: Space Resources Professional Course (Chamber of Commerce)
This course will provide a broad overview of the space resources field, including the current knowledge of available resources in the Solar System, identification, collection, extraction, processing, and utilization systems under development, economic and technical feasibility studies, legal and policy issues, and space exploration architectures and commercial ventures that may be enabled by utilizing extraterrestrial resources in the near future.

9 October: Mining Space Summit (Luxexpo)
The Mining Space Summit is a one-day workshop organized to foster the increasingly vibrant dialogue around the development of the space resources utilization (SRU) sector. As global investment in SRU companies and capabilities increases and new sources of demand for space resources materialize, outstanding challenges remain. To address the challenges, engagement between the “terrestrial” mining industry, those industrial entities currently mining on Earth, and the space community is key. The goal of the workshop is to identify synergies and mutual points between these two communities in terms of business models, technology and operations.

Last year’s edition of the workshop hosted 140+ stakeholders from across the mining industry and the space community, including start-ups, mining and space corporations, governments and financial institutions.

10 October: The Moon, Gateway to the Stars (Utopolis)
For local space fans and enthusiasts that would like to know more about the Moon, a space talk will be organized in the evening of 10 October at Utopolis. The talks will be part of the European Space Talks and World Space Week and will be followed by a movie / documentary. (further details to be confirmed)

10-11 October: European Space Agency ISRU Workshop (Luxexpo)
Theme: “What next for space resources utilization?” – A two-day workshop to define our common goal and concrete next steps

The workshop will identify the next steps needed to realize the first space resource utilization, in support of sustained and sustainable human presence at the Moon.

ESA and other space agencies are working towards a sustained presence of humans in space. The Moon will be the place where we develop the capabilities we need to go further. Key to sustainability is the ability to use local resources to supply future explorers with energy, shelter, food, water, air, fuel and materials.

Following the “Towards the use of lunar resources workshop” in 2018 ESA has been working with various actors to set a path to in situ resource utilization and has prepared a Strategy for Space Resources.


Luxembourg Space Agency

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