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  • Leadership
  • Well-being
  • Personal development
  • Emotional Intelligence

Born at Google and now available in Luxembourg !

A 2 Day-Program presented by Cristina Jardon and Frédérique Charlier, SIY certified Teachers

Join the Search Inside Yourself Program (SIY) in Luxembourg for 2 days of Personal and Professional development focused on building healthy mental habits for sustained high performance and wellbeing.

Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, Search Inside Yourself Program (SIY) teaches attention and mindfulness training that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership.

Who should attend this training ?

Managers and leaders that want to improve organisation wide teamwork & cohesion
Existing teams that want to improve their cohesion, develop a common language and navigate common challenges successfully
Members of highly diverse teams (positions, roles, skills, nationalities..)
Workers & individuals that want to be more serene and mindful at work and in their life
Workers & individuals that experienced engagement & motivation challenges at their workplace or in their life
More generally, workers, managers, leaders and individuals that want to increase their wellbeing and thus their overall performance

And what do you get out of it?

Whether you are coming for personal or professional development or to check out the SIY program for your organisation, you will learn foundational skills to:

Enhance mental fitness and clarity
Develop agile and adaptive mindsets
Reduce stress responses
Increase resilience
Improve access to creativity
Develop greater self awareness
Enhance emotion regulation
Improve communication skills
Develop better decision-making skills
Develop greater emotional intelligence
Experience greater overall wellbeing, thrive!


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Alvisse Parc Hotel

Where does it take place?

1453 Luxembourg Parc Hotel Alvisse, Route d'Echternach, Luxembourg

Alvisse Parc Hotel
Parc Hotel Alvisse
Route d'Echternach


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