Conference: Beyond Ownership

at 23 KM
Ciep Lux
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In the context of the cycle "Capitalism: And then?", From September to June, the Tuesdays of the Actu gives you an appointment to dissect six wheels of capitalism on which it is possible to act.
First gear: "The property"

"Beyond Property: for a Commons Economy"

And if the problem was not the private property, but the property at all?

Capitalism is defined in particular by the private property of the means of production. Those who lack it are forced to alienate their labor power from those who possess it. Over time, attempts to overtake the day by proposing a system of collective ownership, concretized by cooperatives. According to Benoît Borrits, the cooperative movement is struggling to keep its promises and seems inevitably falling into the traps of reproduction of the system it wants to fight. B. Borrits offers us an even more radical option: abolish property for a real economy of the commons.

Speaker: Benoît Borrits, activist researcher, essayist and facilitator of the self-management association

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CSC Luxembourg

Where does it take place?

6700 Belgium Rue Pietro Ferrero 1, 6700 Arlon, Belgium

CSC Luxembourg
Rue Pietro Ferrero 1
6700 Arlon


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