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Interactive training supervised by VIP Experts specialists in Human Resources led by Laurent Chapelle CEO RH Expert

Unique event, Unmissable in Luxembourg. A multiple professional know-how in the field of Human Resources. We offer you quality interactive training with the best professional Experts in their field. What will you leave with? legislative and operational skills? the HR newspaper on all the current news? An exceptional network of HRD and CEO for the exchange of Good Practices The themes will be led by Laurent Chapelle, Manager of HR Expert, specialist in HR questions with more of 20 years of experience, animator of a chronicle on employment every Thursday at 1:45 pm on Radio Essentials. The theme addressed: "HR and time is money" - Obligations to record hours & overtime- Working time, travel time and actual time- On-call, Paid leave and regulatory obligations- Work organization: 40 hours on 4 days per week and time savings account- Work Organization Plan, flexible schedule & telework: new features 2020-Soft-skills: How to mobilize a team to achieve excellence? ? Breakfast is: 10 Questions / Answers on HR news, legislation and labor law? Personal training is targeted to legal obligations? Summary of bills or monthly case law? Prepared by a Team: Lawyers, Legal Experts, Trade Experts, Trainers? The training is organized by round table of 8 participants who are in constant interaction? Each table has 4 minutes to discuss and answer the 10 questions. The answers are provided by our exceptional speakers: ⭐️ Laurent Chapelle for the operational part⭐️ Maitre Sabrina Salvador: GHC study⭐️ Maitre Yuri Auffinger: Cabinet Norton Rose Fulbright ⭐️ Céline Petrini: Expert HR lawyer and Auditor at RH Expert ⭐️ Soon other VIP Experts ...? Does networking allow the exchange of good practices with 110 - 130 HR managers and local decision-makers and create a physical link with the consultants who deal with business cases? 3 times a year, we offer specific training in partnership with CEO / HRD? 1 Soft Skill is approached during the HRM & L by an Expert, a Professional Talent? You discover at each session, the Internal HR in video which are shot in a company? You meet people from the private or public sector for sickness, pensions, taxes ... ✔️

Who is this interactive training for? CEO, HRD People working in Human Resources✔️ Available to ⭐️ Premium Members ⭐️ Rh Expert‼ ️

A high quality, enriching, dynamic and friendly event not to be missed! This training will allow you to acquire and leave with new knowledge but also to increase your skills and your professional network.

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Maryline Couchot

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Centre Culturel Scheiss

Where does it take place?

1370 Luxembourg 142 Val Sainte-Croix, 1370 Luxembourg

Centre Culturel Scheiss
142 Val Sainte-Croix
1370 Luxembourg


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