Hrm: basic training

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Wolters Kluwer
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In three days, this basic training offers you:

a general overview of all Human Resources responsibilities
specific clarifications
several practical exercises

Emphasis is placed on consistency between different aspects of HR as well as on the role of HR in supporting the organization's strategy and operations.

This training does not only seek to offer you an overview of existing models or practical supports, but to help you concretely, on a daily basis. Exchange of experience, group work and discussions are the main ingredients of this interactive training.


A concrete perception of the role and added value of HR management within your organization.
Knowledge of the main areas of action of Human Resources and current trends.
A customer-oriented attitude.
Good working contacts, both with internal and external partners.
Practical use of HR tools and HR information systems.

1. The function of HR director in the service of the operations and strategy of the organization

The different types of HR management: the Ulrich model
The HR process flow

2. Description & classification of functions
3. Skills management

What is a skill?
2 models
Competency dictionaries
Types & skill levels
Links with other HR aspects

4. Planning and control of Human Resources
5. Recruitment & selection

The different recruitment channels
'Reliability' of the different selection tools
Good practices
Questions to ask during an interview

6. Commitment, welcome & introduction
1. Temporary work
2. End of contract
3. Training and development (learning)

Training policy
Analyse of needs
Goals definition
The training plan
Evaluate training

4. Assessment of skills and results

Evaluation forms
The assessment interview
Good practices

5. Career management
1. Compensation of staff

Benefits in kind
The variable part

2. Personnel administration and figures
3. Role of the HR department

Staff and candidates want to be approached as clients. How to meet these expectations?
Internal communication
Social consultation bodies
Role of HR in motivation at work

We will approach these aspects from a practical angle.
4. Familiarization with current trends

Skills management
HR Outsourcing
Establish good relations with suppliers (selection offices, consultants, temping companies, social secretariats, ...).
Is the collaboration going well? How to optimize it (SLA)?
Retention policy

Good to know

Automagically translated from French

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