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Improve your internal communication?
Want an improvised show in the company?
The Luxemburgish Improvisation League in collaboration with the Private Theater School offers customized training and shows in your company, your association or private.

Some examples of areas where we intervene:

Human ressources
This situation was carried out by jousters of the L.i.L, after study and discussions with your HR department, on a given problem specific to the company, thus allowing to identify in a fun way the points to be improved.

Examples of training or interventions:

Business Relations: Improving the "employee-customer" relationship
Internal Communication: Improvement of the "employee-employer" or "employee-superior" relationship.
On the basis of a study and discussions with your communication department or on the basis of a given theme, the jousters of the L.i.L intervene during an internal or external communication event.

Examples of interventions or shows:

One-time or permanent animation during an event
Show or animation for end of year party ("ghost" or "anonymous" interventions in the assembly).
Total impro
You have a specific corporate, cultural, institutional, personal or professional concept related to our field of activity but do not have the "actors" necessary to make it a reality?
Contact us and our "actors" will fully adapt to your needs.
Forum Theater
The Forum Theater allows a game of social situations, or companies with the most interactive intervention of the public in order to interact on the unfolding of the scenario.
If one of these formulas is likely to interest you, do not hesitate to contact us ...

Give a call +352 26 20 36 20

Where does it take place?

595 Rue de Neudorf

2220 Luxembourg 595 Rue de Neudorf, Luxembourg


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