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The Fundamentals of Communication

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said" - Peter Drucker

Whatever your function and sector, communication is at the heart of your work since every day you are in contact with your colleagues, your hierarchy, your team, your customers and suppliers.

These exchanges can lead to an effective collaboration or on the contrary, you lose your self-control and / or your time.

This training will allow you to develop a clear, positive communication adapted to different profiles, which will be a real asset in your professional (and personal) life.

You wish :

• Understand the fundamentals of communication?
• Develop clear and positive communication in all circumstances?
• Communicate assertively in different professional situations?
• Improve the quality of relationships with colleagues?

Program :

• Understand the fundamentals of communication, become familiar with the pattern of communication, recognize key elements of effective communication, distinguish between verbal and non-verbal congruence, identify good practices for communicating well: active listening, questioning techniques

• To get to know each other better in the relationship with others, to identify his "life position" (AT), his defense mechanisms, to list his strengths and areas for improvement, to identify the psychological games: Karpman Triangle

• Develop observation and manage non-verbal communication, have a clear view of behavioral tendencies, identify significant behaviors: attitudes, looks, mimicry, their meaning and importance, discern attitudes favoring cooperation: behaviors, gestures, in which situations are they effective?

• Interact in a professional situation
Use the various means of communication wisely, animate or intervene in meetings and working groups.

• Communicating in difficult situations, managing delicate situations, different personalities, listing the four behaviors, getting out of blockages: discernment, CNV (OSBD grid), assertiveness, receiving and criticizing constructively

• Build your personal progress plan

Our approach :

• An original and innovative experience: intervention of a professional during a workshop on synergology (non-verbal communication and emotional language)

• Action Training: Pedagogy focuses on practice and group exchanges during training

• Everyone receives personal advice and a personal progress plan

• Toolbox Communication: practical sheets

• Option: obtain your personal synergistic profile (devissur prior request)

Good to know

Duration: one day
Public: all professionals wishing
strengthen their communication skills
Price: decreasing beyond two registered
French language
Upon request


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