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Opex Management

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This training meets the expectations of those who need a good understanding of DMAIC phasing and Lean Six Sigma project structure.

At the end of this training, the trainees:

Master the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma and its tools.
Have a knowledge of DMAIC directly applicable in the field.
Are able to pilot process improvement projects that address the company's current issues.

For who :
Future Lean Six Sigma project managers and project sponsors.
Also for all those who want to get started in Lean Six Sigma without previous experience on the subject.
For any audience from both industry and the service industry, including the public sector.
Those who wish, subsequently, to be trained at Black Belt level.

The training is focused on the DMAIC approach.

The trainee studies including all the following tools and techniques:

Define phase:
Project Charter, Voice and Customer Requirements (VOC, CTQ), SIPOC, Stakeholder Analysis, Project Scope and Team Building.

Measure phase:
Immersion, Process Mapping, Output Measurements (Y's) and Inputs (X's), Data Collection, VSM Current Status, Introduction to Sampling, Variability, Takt Time, Cycle Time, TRS, Control Charts and Capability.

Phase Analyzer:
Fishbone Diagram / Ishikawa, Spaghetti Diagram, Root Cause Analysis, Basic Graph Analysis, Waste Analysis, Flow Analysis, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis Techniques, Target VSM, Experience Plans and Plan Development Action.

Phase Implement:
SMED, 5S, Smoothing and sequencing, Creative Thinking, Priority Matrices, Pilot Projects, Decision Tree, AMDEC and Poka Yoke.

Phase Control:
Process Control and Management, MSP and Capability, Standardization, Performance Management and Response Plan and Documentation.

Training Support:
Each participant receives a complete binder containing the theoretical concepts, the associated illustrations as well as a collection of the tools he will have implemented during the training.

The certification takes place in two stages: the passing of the exam at the end of the theoretical training cycle followed by the successful conduct of a project for the Green Belts.


Opex Management

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