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The Fundamentals of Management
An essential program for all managers

Managerial skills now take as much important than other know-how. Some managers are appointed to this position because they are very good experts in their field, but that does not mean that they are necessarily good managers.

Our training program transmits them to future managers all the necessary tools to better apprehend this new position and become an effective manager and managers in post the new practices to remain a successful manager.

Program :

• Position yourself in your role as manager: roles, responsibilities and organization
• Adapt management behaviors to each situation: managing former colleagues, managing an expert, managing senior staff, adapting to the expectations of different generations
• Develop your communicator skills
• Dealing with difficult situations and managing conflicts
• Adopt good practices of the coach manager (intervention process, feedback, etc.)
• Organize the delegation to promote autonomy within the team
• Manage your time: tips
• Ensure its preventive and alert roles in the manifestation of corporate malaise (psychosocial risks: stress, burn out, etc.): what are we talking about?
• Manage stress: exercises
• Develop your individual action plan to evolve in your management style

You wish to :

• Acquire fundamental managerial techniques?
• Effectively ensure this new role of manager?
• Create a team dynamic?
• Adopt the posture and tools of the coach manager?
• Identify, prevent and manage psychosocial risks
in your team (stress, etc.)?

Our approach :

A fun and interactive format
• The construction of an individual action plan and
• A debriefing meeting conducted 1 to 2 months after the
training to take stock and increase profits
• A professional intervention on the management of the
stress (in practice)

Good to know

Duration: two days
Public: managers (junior, senior, in post or not)
Price: decreasing beyond two registered
French language
In-company on request


Great Place To Work

Give a call 22 72 36 500

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